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Balaji Textures can be applied on any absorbent substrate which is Sound and Smooth. Like two coats sand faced cement plastered brick or concrete surfaces. With proper surface preparation, Heritage Surface Textures can also be applied on already painted two coats smooth sand faced cement plaster, Plywood, Particle Board, Plaster of Paris, gypsum board etc.,The dough of Balaji Textures (dry material + bonding agent + water) when applied on a substrate, part of bonding agents gets absorbed by the substrate and when water evaporates from the surface the tailor-made acrylic co-polymer gets keyed into the pores of the substrate resulting in binding of the Balaji Textures on the substrate.


Depending upon the type and nature of the substrates, the following substrate preparation methods should be adopted prior to the application of Balaji Texture Coatings.

Old Painted Substrate : If the substrate is already painted with distemper, plastic emulsion, lime washes, primer etc., such coating should be scraped using wire brush (wet / dry) followed by water washing. When the substrate is dry apply “Balaji Base Coat” and after 8 to 10 hrs of drying apply Balaji Texture as per the recommendations. Please scrape the surface as thoroughly as possible. In any event do not leave stubborn paint patch which is difficult to remove. Check the quality of the base substrate during the scraping process and ensure that it is sound enough.

Plywood Surfaces : Plywood when comes in contact with water leaches color and leaves stains on HST. To avoidthis, a thin coat of the bonding agent should be applied on the plywood surface and allow it to dry for 8 to 10 hrs prior to the application of Balaji Textures. Please ask for additional quantity of Bonding Agent in such cases and do not adjust the bonding agent which is supplied along with the dry material.

Plaster Of Paris Substrates : Plaster of Paris surfaces are not sound, as they chalk out loose powder of Plaster of Paris easily, particularly when they come in contact with water. For all Plaster of Paris surfaces, Balaji Base Coat is applied and allow it to dry for 8 to 10 hrs, prior to the application of Balaji Textures.

Gypsum Board Substrates : he joints of Gypsum Boards are normally sealed with “Plaster of Paris”. Hence, Balaji Base Coat should be used prior to the application of BT.


BT application cannot be made on non-absorbent surfaces like glass, steel/metals, laminates etc. Cement mortar, wood etc are suitable substrates.

BT cannot fill surface defects like undulations, cracks and plaster joints. All the cracks in the plaster should be sealed prior to the application of BT.

“Balaji Textures” should not be applied on fungus-infested surfaces.

Suitability of “Balaji Textures” application on the efflorescence-infected substrates depends on the extent of efflorescence. If the level of efflorescence is very high, it may cause embattlement of plaster and hence poor adhesion of BT over a long run.

Primer may not be required on the sound and absorbent two-coat sand faced smooth cement plaster. However, in case the substrate requires a primer, due to high absorption, a thin coat of “Primer” may be used. Alternatively a solvent based cement primer manufactured by a reputed company (e.g. M/s. Asian Paints Deco Prime) should be used without affecting the absorption of the substrate.

The coverage per pack also depends on the condition of the substrate

Multi colour option in a single coat, can be customized to the user’s requirement, and a wide range catering to practically all the segments.
All absorbent surface like gypsum, plywood, pop, plaster board, asbestos etc.,
Usage of Balaji top coat minimizes dust accumulation.
Bonding Agent binds the dry material on to the substrate. It is adhesive.
BT flakes coating arrest dampness / seepage.
Top Coat can be used for all BT products. For granite finish it is compulsory.
Grooves can be provided during application. It will not affect the performance of the product
BT coating can take care of air line ca cracks, undulations to a large extent.
BT has been tested at the following renowned testing houses.
Central Building Research Institute – Roorkee.
Paint Research Institute – UK.
Thor Chemicals – UK.
Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research – Singapore.